Being a top US private facility for any kind of scientific research, we are proud of the overall amount of work we’ve done so far.


See our updated list of the most recent research conducted, just to get an idea about the intensity of the work we do..

Impact of Climate Change on Food Crops

While the Global Warming is a long-established scientific fact, we were interested in estimating the impact it has and will have on the US crops harvesting…

High Energy Rechargeable Lithium Air Batteries

Everyone with an at least basic understanding of how the Li-ion batteries work will recognize the ultimate importance of this massive research….

Computational Vision and Robotics

Basically, any kind of a research that is aimed at creating advanced robotic and machine systems has touched on the topic of the computational vision…

Autonomous self-repairing machine systems

We pursue a goal of creating a robot smart and handy enough to not just detect an issue or a mechanism’s malfunction, but also being bale to self-repair

A family with unusual genetic penetration

We were always interested in conducting more advanced DNA/RNA & genomics centered research projects. This one is all about a rare genetic mutation, which ultimately led to…

Depression in Patient with Dementia

This is a case of a patient with a history of dementia, worsened with an agitation. This case demonstrates that depression in a patient with dementia may not present…

Carbon in agricultural soil

To help stakeholders in government and business make smart decisions about the best types of land and local climates for planting bioenergy crops, researchers at the

Nuclear micro-reactors

As we found out during this research, using the low-enriched uranium (LEU) in small-sized nuclear reactors can be a part of the solution to replacing the fossil-fule energy as a…

Smaller solar energy panels

This research, conducted in cooperation with the US government has an aim of making solar energy usage more affordable for both commercial and federal entities.

Enzyme Linked to a Key Cell-Signaling Protein

Scientists at our research facilities, including the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne, have captured atomic level snapshots showing key enzymes…

Nano-robotics in healthcare

We’ve been trying to develop a working nano-robotic prototype for a long time, but it was only last year that we were able to get a working model, that when tested on cows has proven itself

Quantum-computing for Manufacturing

While a majority of Quantum computing adherents understand its value when it comes to government’s big projects, its potential commercial value is just as big, if not more significant

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